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Durban fishing guide

Here you will find tips, the best fishing spots and top fish in Durban. If you are looking for a fishing charter or skipper to go fishing, please visit our list of fishing charters in Durban or search a fishing trip using the box below:

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Durban is one of the most popular cities of KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. This is the largest city in the province and is renowned for its warm subtropical climate and sunny beaches. The popular beach front, The Golden Mile provides excellent opportunities for swimming enthusiasts and sun lovers to indulge in the warm Indian ocean and take pleasure in the pleasant sunshine. This stretch of the beach has gained a great acclaim among tourists and it is flocked by visitors all round the year. This beautiful city of South Africa is a haven for surfers and sport fishermen.


The most alluring aspect of the city of Durban is its climate. With a warm and sub tropical climate all through the year it is considered to be great vacation spot by many. The summers are usually hot and humid and the winters are dry with a pleasantly warm climate. The average temperature in summer is 28 degree Celsius and the winters will have an average of 20 degree Celsius. The summers days remain hot and humid and as the day progresses, by evenings thunderstorms cool down the temperatures.

This amiable climate allows fishing all through the year in Durban and hence has made this city one of the favorites among sport fishing anglers.

Fishing in Durban

With a year long fishing season and pleasant climate around the clock, Durban is by far one of the most sought after sport fishing location by big game fishing anglers. The official fishing season however is from December to March. The fishing grounds in Durban runs from as far as Umdloti in the North to Scottburgh in the South with the Durban Marina falling in the middle of both these apexes.

Fishing is very exciting in Durban as you can fish for big game fish like the Blue Marlin, Tuna, Dorado and the like. The largest fish caught from the waters of Durban is said to be a Blue Marlin that weighed around 350 kg. The most popular fishing techniques used in the oceans here are live baiting and trolling.

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Top 5 fish

Marlin Marlin fishing  in Durban

The Marlin is one of the most sought after fish by all big game fishing anglers. The elusiveness, size and strength of all the Marlin species have made them the pinnacle of all off shore fishing expeditions. Though all species of Marlin are found in these waters, the Blue Marlin is the one that is mostly sought after. These fish have an average length of 11 feet and can grow to a maximum of 14 feet. Marlins prefer warmer waters and feeds on fish like mackerel and tuna. They are also known to dive deep into the ocean in search of squid.

When is the Marlin fishing season in Durban?

In Durban Marlin is spotted during the summer months that range from October to April and the peak season is considered to be from November to March.

Where can you find Marlin in Durban?

Experienced anglers state that these fish are usually found near floating debris where they are seen feeding on smaller fish like the dorado and the like.

How to fish for Marlin?

Trolling with Marlin lures and live baiting are considered the best methods for luring and landing a Marlin.


The sailfish is a blue-grey colored bill fish that prefers to live in the warmer ocean waters. These fish are named after their sail like erectile dorsal fin that stretches along the length of their back. This sail is usually kept folded when swimming and when it feels threatened the sail swings open the fish look much larger than it actually is.

Landing a sailfish is considered to be a feat by sport fishermen as these fish are highly combative. They can reach great speeds in water and are known for their high leaps out of the water. These sails (as they are commonly addressed) can grow to about 3 m in length and can weigh up to 90 kg.

When is Sailfish found in Durban?

In Durban, Sailfish are found all through the year. If you are planning on landing a Sailfish this season, make sure that your captain is familiar with the shallow waters where these Sails lurk in Durban.

Where to fish for Sailfish in Durban?

The sailfish are usually spotted in shallow waters in the Durban waters that range in temperatures of 21 to 28 degree Celsius.

How can you catch a Sailfish in Durban?

Trolling with artificial and live baits like mullets is used to land a Sailfish.

Dorado Dorado fishing  in Durban Dorado fishing  in Durban

Also known as Mahi Mahi and the Dolphinfish, these brilliantly colored fish are ranked second in our list. These fish are famous for their vibrant appearance and aerial acrobatics in the sport fishing world. They can jump repeatedly from the water and do tail walking. These iridescent blue fish turn to a yellow-grey color on death. The Dorado like to spend their time in surface waters near debris and floating objects.

When is the Dorado season in Durban?

In Durban though Dorado can be spotted all through the year they are seen more frequently during the summer months.

Where is Dorado found in Durban?

Dorado, prefers to swim near floating buoys and debris. They are usually found in waters that are as deep as 30m.

How to catch a Dorado?

Trolling is the most common technique used to lure in a Dorado. Fishing with live bait is also very common method used to land a Dorado. When Dorado are spotted some anglers also adopt chumming.

Yellowfin Yellowfin fishing  in Durban

The Yellowfin Tuna is any angler’s dream fish, strength and stamina are the two most enticing characteristics of these fish. When a Yellowfin tuna gets hooked to your line make up your mind and body for a fierce fight as these strong water monsters won’t give in without a strong battle. The Yellowfin will fight with all its might till the very end exhibiting aerial acrobatics every now and then.

An average Yellowfin Tuna caught will weigh anywhere between 30 to 40 kg as these fish can grow to a monstrous load of 200kg and can have lengths of 2m.

When to fish for Yellowfin in Durban?

In Durban the Yellowfin’s season is open all through the year. However, the period from Spring to Autumn is considered as the peak season for Tuna fishing.

Where is Yellowfin found in Durban?

Yellowfin Tuna can be spotted in offshore waters that range in depths of 30 to 200 m. The Yellowfin are found near floating objects like wrecks, logs and tankers.

How is Yellowfin caught in Durban?

Live baiting is the most common and successful method that is undertaken when planning to land a Yellowfin. The most common baits used are anchovies and sardines that are free-swimming. Some fishermen also adopt trolling with squid-like lures and at times chumming also works well with the Yellowfin.

Wahoo Wahoo fishing  in Durban

The Wahoo is another favorite fish among sport fishermen. These fish have amazed fishermen with their swift runs. Once hooked a Wahoo can make runs of blistering speeds that can reel out a greater length of the line in a wink of the eye. They can reach up to 97 kph speeds in water. They grow fast and can reach lengths of 2.5 m and weighing more than 83 kg. Their razor sharp teeth and aggressive habits can often become a challenge when trying to land them.

When is Wahoo found in Durban?

The Wahoo are usually found during the Spring and Autumn seasons and are spotted in waters of depths starting from 50 m and deep.

Where can Wahoo be found in Durban?

The Wahoo prefer to swim around seamounts, wrecks and offshore banks where they feed on smaller fish like the pilchard and smaller mackerel and tuna.

How to catch a Wahoo in Durban?

Live baiting and trolling are the two best methods for landing a Wahoo.

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Fish and Fishing Seasons in Durban

Fish Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Kanadi Kingfish
Skipjack Tuna
Blue Marlin
Black Marlin
Striped Marlin
King Mackerel
Garrick / Leerfish
Kob / Daga Salmon
Geelbek (Cape Salmon)
Bottom Fish
Bait Fish
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