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Fishing charters in Martigues, France

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Martigues Fishing Guide

Fishing trips in Martigues, France

Marseille is a city that is located to the south of the Republic of France. This is the second largest city in France after Paris. This city is often flocked by tourists from around the world to witness style and history in one place. Martigues is a commune that is located to the north west of this southern city of Marseille.

Martigues is positioned in such a way that this commune becomes a passage between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Martigues, commonly known as Etang de Berre.

The Blue Coast beaches, the museum, games and festival world folklore all make Martigues a tourist town. Once a fishing town, now Martigues is celebrated as “The Venice of Provence” because of its many canals, bridges and docks. This small commune of France is noted not just for the charm of its canals and bridges but also for its perfect geographical positioning, between Mediterranean Sea and Etang de Berre which makes it a good spot for sport fishing.

Picturesque fishing villages and small restaurants near the sea side make Martigues a great place to spent some wonderful time relaxing and enjoying.