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George Town fishing guide

Here you will find tips, the best fishing spots and top fish in George Town. If you are looking for a fishing charter or skipper to go fishing, please visit our list of fishing charters in George Town or search a fishing trip using the box below:

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“Fly down to the Cayman Islands, the white sands of the Seven Mile beach awaits you. Go scuba diving, fishing or swim with the stingrays from these glitzy beaches that are lined by five star hotels”.

The Cayman Islands is a group of three islands situated in the western Caribbean Sea. The Grand Cayman is the largest of this group among which the other islands are the Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman. Though the Cayman Islands are often referred to as the Offshore Financial Center, it is swells up with amazing places that soothe the mind and the senses.

George Town is the Capital of the Cayman Islands and is located in the Grand Cayman. It is not only the heart of the fiscal industry but also the most popular tourist destination in the Caymans.

Beautiful white sand beaches, pirate caves, botanical parks, museums and the unique experience of swimming with the stingrays are some of the things you can indulge in when in the Cayman islands.


The Cayman Islands enjoys a tropical marine climate. The summers are wet and warm and the winters are dry and cool. And it is during the winter season that people prefer to visit these islands. The months from November to April constitute the winter season and the months from May to October are the summer months.

The absence of rains and the pleasant temperatures make the winters the best time to travel to these lovely islands. Among the winter months, April is considered to be the best as the weather is just perfect with the right temperatures just before the summer hits.

The months from May to October is when Cayman Islands experience the wet season. The rainfall may not be continuous as after short bursts of showers a clear and sunny sky can be enjoyed.

One important aspect of the Cayman Island’s weather is that there is a hurricane season that spans from August to September and these months have to be avoided.

Fishing in Cayman Islands:

The Cayman Islands have been a very popular fishing destinations among anglers who seek billfish action. The water temperatures of the Caribbean sea that surrounds these islands do not change over the year, only a slight variation between 8 to 10 degrees has been observed. This keeps the bait fish in the water all through the year and hence the big predatory pelagic fish are also found all through the year off the Cayman Islands. Despite the fact that fishing is fruitful all through the year in Cayman Islands, the storm and hurricane warning should be taken into account and fishing should only be undertaken if the conditions are favorable for safe sailing.

Some of the common and most preferred pelagic sportfish found around the Cayman Islands include Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo and Barracuda.

Top 5 fish

Blue Marlin Blue Marlin fishing  in George Town

The Marlin is the probably the most sought after pelagic species here. Marlins weighing from 45 kg to 70 kg can be caught and released from the Cayman waters.

The Blue Marlin has enticed anglers all around the globe for its combative characteristics. These majestic fish keep challenging the fishermen who come to the George Town in search of some Marlin action. They run hard and strong once hooked and even make powerful leaps out of the water. These are the qualities that make them one of the most sought after gamefish.

When to fish for Marlin in George Town:

Blue Marlin are found off Grand Cayman all year round irrespective of the season. White Marlins are caught occasionally but Blue Marlins ranging from 45 to 70 kg can be caught quite frequently.

How to land a Blue Marlin in George Town:

The best method that is used worldwide to catch a Marlin is trolling. Baits used to catch a Marlin are usually whole baits that include Mackerel, Ballyhoo, Bonito, Mullet, Squid and the like. Artificial lures and strip baits have also proven to be effective in Marlin fishing.


The Yellowfin Tuna is a highly prized game fish, as they are fast and strong and fight pound for pound. The Yellowfin can be easily distinguished from other tunas by its vibrantly yellow colored dorsal fins. The Yellowfin can grow to large sizes and can weigh over 200 kg, which is another characteristic of these fish that allures fishermen to pursue them.

When to fish for Yellowfin Tuna in George Town:

The Yellowfin Tuna is found in the George Town waters all through the spring season.

How to land a Yellowfin Tuna in George Town:

This pelagic species is usually caught using trolling with strip baits, artificial lures and whole baits like mackerel, squid and other small fish. Sometimes chumming is opted to bring the fish from the deep waters to the surface waters.

Wahoo Wahoo fishing  in George Town

The Wahoo is a fast fish, with a streamlined body these fish resemble torpedos in the water. Their slender body is marked with zebra like stripes of white and black or deep blue. They are strong fighters and are known to make blistering runs when hooked that leaves the line screaming.

Wahoo can grow to large sizes as well. The largest Wahoo ever recorded caught weighed over 83 kg.

When to fish for Wahoo in George Town:

Though Wahoo are found in the Caribbean Sea almost every month of the year, the best time of the year to target them and land them would be between November and March.

How to land a Wahoo in George Town:

Since the Wahoo is a scare fish or rather it prefers to swim alone makes it a bit difficult to locate them. Trolling is the usual method that is adopted to land a Wahoo. Live baiting and kite fishing are the other methods that anglers use once they have located the fish.

Baits include both rigged and whole baits and artificial lures.

Dorado Dorado fishing  in George Town Dorado fishing  in George Town

The Dorado or the Dolphinfish is a very acrobatic fish that anglers love to go after. The Dolphinfish are very easily distinguishable from other fish species as they have a peculiar body structure. Their heads are the widest part of their body and towards the tail the body tapers. The body has multiple hues of green, yellow, blue and golden. These fish are fast and they exhibit various acrobatics when hooked. Leaping out of the water and tailwalking are some of the most common aerial acrobatics that the Dorado displays.

When to fish for Dorado in George Town:

The Dorado are found all through the year off the George Town coasts. The right charter captain will be able to take you to the right locations where the Dorado are found.

How to land a Dorado in George Town:

Dorados are normally caught using trolling with a light tackle. Once the Dorado are spotted on the surface waters anglers prefer to adopt live baiting.

Barracuda Barracuda fishing  in George Town Barracuda fishing  in George Town

The Barracuda is a predatory fish with a streamlined and slender body. These fish have a quite fearsome appearance with a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth. They use these splinter like teeth to tear up their prey during their feeding frenzy. The Barracuda are spirited fighters and hence are highly prized among sport fishing enthusiasts.

When to fish for Barracuda in George Town:

Barracuda are also found all through the year in George Town, you can fish for them whenever you want.

How to land a Barracuda in George Town:

Live baiting with small baits, casting and trolling with prepared baits, plugs and spoons are the most common methods in landing a Barracuda.

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