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Fishing charters in Thessaloniki, Greece


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Thessaloniki Fishing Guide

Greece, is definitely one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The historical places, the sunny beaches and the City of Athens are some of the most visited places in Greece. The City of Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia and the second largest city of Greece and it is known as one of the best party cities of the world. With a large number of young residents, this Grecian city is also popular as the “Greek Youth Capital” and this is one of the foremost reasons that this city has a very lively pulse and mood. This city is good for not just the vibrant nightlife but also for its natural beauty and various historical monuments. Some of the examples of the rich and ancient history of Thessaloniki are the Byzantine monuments, the White tower (most famous landmark of the city), Ottoman monuments, museums and many more.


When in Thessaloniki you will get to witness and experience various cultural and commercial festivals such as the The International Book Fair in May, the International Thessaloniki Film Festival in November and the Thessaloniki International Fair in September.


Apart from all these interesting aspects of the city another most alluring facet of the city of Thessaloniki is that it is a great sport fishing destination. Thessaloniki has its coasts on the Aegean Sea that is a part of the Mediterranean Sea and hence is replete with a diverse variety of marine life. Sportfish species like the Bluefin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Greater Amberjack, Grouper, Swordfish, Barracuda and many more are found in abundance in the waters off the coast of Thessaloniki.