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To book a trip you'll need to follow the following simple steps: 1. Choose the date and the number of passengers joining your trip (put the max number if you are not sure) 2. Choose the trip by clicking on Book Now button next to the trip you want 3. Choose 2 alternative dates (optional), then enter your personal details 4. Choose your preferred payment method (either PayPal or Credit Card) and click next 5. Enter your credit card details and click confirm 6. That's it, you are done! Now you just relax and wait for our confirmation email. Your credit card will not be charged until we confirm your booking (similar to what hotels do when you check-in, they lock the amount in your credit card, but they don't charge you).
It is a standard practice for fishing charter boats to provide the rod, reel, and bait in their service. For the exact equipment's provided, please refer to the "Available Equipment", "Things to bring" and "Things Included" sections found in the profile page of the boat you've chosen.
That varies from one charter to the other. Refer to the section "Things to bring" in the boat profile. Usually each passenger should bring a valid ID with him/her.
Yes, kids are allowed to join fishing trips, but it's always better to mention in the "Special Request" that kids are joining. Weather conditions and other preparation should be taken in consideration when kids are on board. We recommend that kids be older than 3 years to join a trip.
Answer - The fishing technique will depend on the boat you have chosen. Boats have their own set of fishing techniques that they perform. Please refer to the "Fishing Techniques" section of your boat's profile page.
It depends on the skipper, location, and weather
It depends on the captain and type of fishing. If the captain will use trolling then 2 to 4 rods are usually used. If you are going to use bottom fishing then most likely everyone will be able to fish at the same time.
You can find the information at the left-hand side of the boat profile
Varies a lot between different countries and the total price of the trip. Anything between 10-20% is considered generous. In the US and Europe tipping is a very common practice. However, in the Middle East tipping 5% or less is a common practice.
Some charter boats provide the service for free and you'll find this information included in the "what's included" section on the boat profile. However, if it's not included then please contact us we will be happy to help you find the best way to get to the marina.
There are some locations that require anglers to carry a fishing license, most of these places are in the United States. Getting a fishing license in the US is simple and easy, you can get one in any Walmart near you or you can buy it online. Each state has its own website to buy a fishing license. Please refer to the "Things to Bring" section of your chosen boat's profile page if the charter requires you to bring a fishing license.
It depends on the boat charter you have chosen. You can find the information in the "Things Included" section of your chosen boat's profile page.
As a general practice, the charter boat provides the baits. Please refer to "Things Included" section of your chosen boat's profile page.
It depends on the destination you have chosen. To learn more about the fish you might catch, please refer to the fishing season table found in the bottom of most boat profiles
Captains and fishing guides usually suggest to go fishing in the morning. However, late afternoons are good as well. The fishing time also varies depending on the fish you are targeting
It depends on the boat charter you have chosen. You can find the information in the "Things Included" section of your chosen boat's profile page.

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