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Fishing charters in Imperia, Italy

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Imperia Fishing Guide

Imperia is a Province on the north western coastal region of Italy known as Liguria. It is a great tourist destination and people from all over Italy and from around the globe visit Imperia during the summer months. Flowers and olives are the two things that Imperia is famous for. Since it is on the coasts of the Ligurian Sea, Imperia is also a great spot for sport fishing. When you wander off into the sea you will be able to spot and land a series of different gamefish that include White Marlin, Tuna, Greater Amberjack, Grouper, Dorado, Bluefish, Leerfish and many more. All you need to do is hire a charter boat with an experienced angler so that you can easily get to the right fishing spots and catch your targeted fish.

The Imperian Coast is called Riviera dei Fiori which in English means the Flower Riviera. The natural beauty here is such that you will find bays, coves and ports that end up in creeks, peaks and beautiful valleys.

Imperia is well connected to the other regions of Italy through state buses and hence is easily accessible from anywhere. Once in Imperia you can if you want to see around the city the best thing to do is set forth on foot and in a day’s time you will be able to cover all the popular attractions in Imperia.