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Marbella fishing guide

Here you will find tips, the best fishing spots and top fish in Marbella. If you are looking for a fishing charter or skipper to go fishing, please visit our list of fishing charters in Marbella or search a fishing trip using the box below:

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Situated at the foothills of the Sierra Blanca, Marbella is one of the most attractive cities on the Costa del Sol. Once an old Roman town, the city served as a waypoint on the Via Augusta that linked Rome to Cadiz. The ruins of fortified Moorish lighthouses built along the coastline stand as pearly white monuments to a costal town that has seen the passage of many eras. Today, Marbella is well known as for its archeological heritage and the Old Town is home to several historical museums.

As coastal Mediterranean cities go, few are as well-suited to long days on the beach or out fishing on the water. With long stretches of gleaming white beaches, luxury resorts, and charming docks, Marbella is nothing short of picturesque. Its 27km of golden coastline are divided into 24 different beaches, each with different features. Tourism is naturally highest during the summer months, when people from all over the world flock to this popular resort destination.


Marbella enjoys gorgeous Mediterranean weather year-round. Rainfall is intermittent and sunshine is the norm. The average annual temperature is a welcoming 18C (64F).

Fishing in Marbella

The Costa del Sol is a popular fishing destination and charters are everywhere. It benefits from warm Mediterranean currents and direct access to the Atlantic via the Straits of Gibraltar. The interaction of warm currents and cool water attract schools of fish that act as bait for bigger fish. Coastal cities including Malaga, Benalmadena, and Puerto Banus are well-trawled fishing spots for this reason, but Marbella and Puerto Banus stand out as fishing havens.

By season, springtime is ideal for spawning tuna, while summer months from May to September are best for fish like Spanish Mackerel (King Mackerel), Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, and Bonito. The colder months (and “cold” is used very loosely here) from October to April still provide good fishing for Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Grouper, and Breams, all up to 100lbs.

Top Fishing Spots in Marbella (one day trip)

Puerto Banus-Marbella

Anywhere within four miles of the coast is good fishing for a large variety of Mediterranean species that stay close to the rocky seabed and its warm currents, including Gilthead, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Snapper, and Groupers. According to some seasoned charters, the average wait time for a first catch is around 20 minutes.

Top Fishing Spots in Marbella (multi-day trip)

After sailing around the Marbella coast, deep-sea fishing and trolling usually occurs towards the Straits of Gibraltar, as far as 30 miles away from port (after 4 miles the seabed begins to fall away to depths below 100 meters). Out in the open sea larger fish like bluefin tuna, Mediterranean marlin, and swordfish are much more common.

Top 4 fish

Tuna Tuna fishing  in Marbella

When to fish for Tuna in Marbella?

In the months of April and May, when the Atlantic breeding group returns to the Mediterranean to spawn.

Where to find Tuna in Marbella?

Out in the open sea, towards the Straits of Gibraltar. Bluefin tuna thrive in the Eastern Atlantic, returning to their birthplace in the Mediterranean to spawn by the hundreds of thousands.

How to fish for Tuna in Marbella?

The first thing any big game fisher should know about tuna is that they are big, fast, and reactive. Most Atlantic tuna can grow upwards of 500lbs and swim at speeds exceeding 45mph. Bluefin tuna have excellent eyesight, which renders most lures impractical. Many pros recommend live bait like herring, either cut up into chum slick and trolled through the water or kite fishing with live bait fish. Tuna gorge on smaller fish and in the area near Marbella this means they’ll stick to the surface of the water, so many other surface fishing techniques may work as well.

Dentex Dentex fishing  in Marbella

When to fish for Dentex in Marbella?

Like tuna, dentex congregate in the Mediterranean in the spring. They also tend to stay near warmer water along the coasts.

Where to fish for Dentex in Marbella?

Throughout the Mediterranean, but fishing is much easier near the coastline. Dentex are low-dwelling fish that prefer to stay close to the rocky seabed, which means they are much harder to catch out in the open sea.

How to catch a Dentex?

Dentex are hard fish for beginners because they stick together in groups near the rocky seabed. The few times dentex break habit and come up to the surface are during breeding season and at specific times of the day to find food. In order to increase the chance of catching dentex fishing along the shallow coastline near Marbella where the water is only 50m deep is highly recommended. Dentex are small, clever fish, so small hooks and light leaders are appropriate. Troll live or dead mackerel and garfish in shallower water and squid/octopus for bottom fishing.

Bream Bream fishing  in Marbella

When to fish for Bream in Marbella ?

Winter months, from October to April, are better than summer.

Where to find Bream in Marbella?

Anywhere near the coast. If you’re looking to catch lots of small fish, bream are the ones to go for. The good news is that they can get pretty big (up to 100lb in the area around Marbella), but the smaller ones make great fishing for kids, too.

How to catch a Bream?

Bream can put up quite the fight for their size, but they can be easily brought in with insect lures like worms and crickets and basic rods. Many people like to fish for bream because they consider them less technically challenging than other fish, and more enjoyable for family.

Swordfish Swordfish fishing  in Marbella

When to fish for Swordfish in Marbella?

Summer months, from May to September, are ideal.

Where to fish for Swordfish in Marbella?

Trolling in the direction of the Straits of Gibraltar. The chances of catching a swordfish are much higher nearer the Atlantic, and some charters recommend going out 30 miles from the Marbella ports.

How to catch a Swordfish from Marbella?

Swordfish are strong, big-game fish that are highly prized because of their rareness. They are best caught with 7-14inch lures trolled through the water. They stick near the surface of the water while hunting for food, so the straight line bubble technique (which involves light splashing and bubble action) is popular.

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Fish and Fishing Seasons in Marbella

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White Marlin
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