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Fishing charters in Azores, Portugal

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Azores Fishing Guide

A string of nine beautiful volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean forms the archipelago of Azores. These islands are divided into three groups based on their geological positioning into the Eastern Group, the Western Group and the Central Group. These Portuguese islands are breathtakingly beautiful and are set in the calm blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With beautiful white sand beaches and harmonious blue water all around them these islands are sort of a paradise on earth. Beautiful landscapes, volcanic lagoons, hot water springs these islands are replete with some of nature’s best sights. Here you can enjoy the sights of whales and dolphins in the ocean, enjoy a great time fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. You will find some of the best big game species like Bluefin Tuna, Dorado and even Sharks if you are one of those dangerously adventurous anglers. It is a haven for scuba divers with unique underwater rock formations, anchor graveyard and a great variety of marine life.

The Azores has an old world charm to it that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Travelling to Azores has been made easy by a various flights from different parts of the world. The islands are easily accessible from one another as they are quite close to each other with an average distance of 6 km from the adjacent ones. There are local airlines that connect all the islands, you can also use the ferry services. Travelling within an island is made convenient with taxis, buses and hire cars.