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Fishing Guide in Cascais

Portugal, as you know is a coastal country with the Atlantic ocean covering its entire west region and south region. Cascais, is a small town on the western end of Portugal a little towards the south and at a distance of just 30 km from the capital city of Lisbon. Cascais is that port to which travellers like Vasco da Gama returned to after their historic voyages. Since the age of the Kings that ruled this land Cascais has been renowned for its pleasant weather, lovely beaches and above all for its perfect positioning. This Portuguese town has been known since ancient times for its diverse and abundant marine life. This is one of the reasons why when the new Cascais Marina was built this region grew to become one of the most prominent spots for sport fishing and sailing.

The Cascais marina has witnessed many a sailing events including the America’s Cup World Series. With moorings for over 650 boats the Cascais marina has plenty of space for the regular sport fishing boats and even the huge luxury yachts.

When in Cascais you can indulge in some of the most beautiful white sand beaches like the Guincho Beach. If you enjoy surfing, this is the best place to be. With surf-camps and surf-schools you can satiate all of your surfing desires here. The famous Boca do Inferno, the seaside cliff chasm is also located in Cascais. If you are planning to spend some quality time enjoying the nature and some of the most amazing seascapes then Cascais is the place to be.