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Fishing charters in Sao Miguel Island, Portugal

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Sao Miguel Island Fishing Guide

Sao Miguel means Saint Michel in Portuguese, this beautiful island is the largest of all the islands in the archipelago of Azores and has been nicknamed “The Green Island”. Sao Miguel is one island that completely bundles the best aspects of the Azores into one single package.

As you explore this lovely island carefully placed in the Atlantic ocean, you will discover various picturesque locations that have been unspoiled by tourism and maddening crowds. Stunning crater lakes and beautiful volcanic mountain ranges all add to the beauty of this Portuguese island.

Within the boundaries of the city you will get to witness some exquisite samples of old Portuguese architecture. The botanical gardens, hot springs and the lake lined by lovely flowers all make the eastern highlands resemble a paradise of sorts.

This is not just it, the long and splendid coastline that runs around the island makes it a great location to indulge in sportfishing from. Fishing can be done from Sao Miguel all through the year. Read further to know more about the fishing seasons and the types of fish that can be caught from here.