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Procida fishing guide

Here you will find tips, the best fishing spots and top fish in Procida. If you are looking for a fishing charter or skipper to go fishing, please visit our list of fishing charters in Procida or search a fishing trip using the box below:

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Procida is an Island on the Bay of Naples. This is a very small island with a population of just about ten thousand. Procida is one of Italy’s best kept secrets, it is a small and beautiful island that is meant for those who would prefer to spend some time away from bustling crowds and noise. The main town of Procida is Marina Grande which is where you reach when you travel to the island in a ferry. In this town you will be see buildings adorned in pale pastel colors. The San Michele church is a good monument to see, it has an electrifying painting of St.Michael by Giordano. You can take a dip in the beaches here that are seldom crowded.

You can reach Procida either from the island Ischia or from Naples in a boat. There is bus service in Procida but it is very limited. However, there are microtaxis that can be hired, but the fares will depend on your competence in bargaining.

The Weather:

The weather in Procida is quite Mediterranean. Sunny days and rainfall go hand in hand in Procida. It can rain here any time of the year with more rains during the winter than in the summer. The rainiest month is November and the one with the least rainfall is July. The summer months are warm and not hot. The maximum temperatures recorded here do not go past 25 degree Celsius usually. January is the coolest month with temperatures dipping to 9 to 10 degree Celsius. April to October is the best time of the year to travel to Procida.

Fishing in Procida:

The island Procida is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian sea which is a part of the Mediterranean sea. Off the coast of Procida you will be able to find a good variety of big game fish. Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish, Dorado, Grouper, Barracuda are some of the most sought after fish here. And if you are very adventurous angler you will even find some shark lurking in these waters for you to fight and reel in.

In Procida you will find many fishing charters that will take you out on fishing trips into the sea. One such fishing charter that operates in Procida is the Sanganeb that is captained by Salvatore Mele. Born in Naples and with an experience of over 20 years, Skipper Salvatore is a member of the distinguished IGFA. He was kind enough to share some of his information of fishing in Procida that he acquired over his years in the sea.

Skipper Salvatore says that the best time to fish in Procida is during the months of June, September and October. On an average day fishing takes place in depths ranging from 30 m to 200 m below the surface. You will be able to spot and land fish anywhere between 1 to 5 km from the shore, these fishing spots can be reached in a matter of 30 to 45 minutes.

Sanganeb in Procida.jpeg

To book your fishing trip online with Captain Salvatore click here

Top 6 fish

Bluefin Tuna Bluefin Tuna fishing  in Procida

The Bluefin Tuna is one of the mighty giants of the seas. These fish fall in the top ten list of all the big game fish species. They are huge and they are mean fighters, two of the most important characteristics that make them one of the most sought after game fish.

The Bluefin Tuna have streamlined torpedo shaped bodies that are built for speed. They can reach speeds of 70 kph in water. These fast swimmers are fishing anglers’ favorite as these fish can reach huge sizes. They can easily grow over 100s of kg, the largest ever caught weighed around 680 kg.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Season in Procida:

Blue fin Tuna can be found in the Tyrrhenian sea around Procida during the period of April to September. Among these months the best time to fish for Bluefins are during July to September.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Technique:

Various techniques are used to land a Bluefin Tuna however, the most common methods are trolling and chunking. When trolling either dead or live baits are used. The baits that are preferred by Bluefin are mullets, squids, mackerel. Artificial lures like spoons, feathers etc can also be used in Bluefin fishing.

Swordfish Swordfish fishing  in Procida Swordfish fishing  in Procida

The Swordfish is also called the broadbill since it has a bill that is longer and broader than that of all the billfish. It is also the most distinguishing feature of the Swordfish. This bill is used by the Swordfish to slash through schools of bait fish and injure their prey. The Swordfish is a fast swimmer and can reach speeds of 90 kph. These elusive fish do not prefer to swim in schools and are hence very difficult to spot. They also stay in the deep waters during the day and rise to the surface only during the night.

Swordfish Fishing Season in Procida:

The fishing season of Swordfish begins in April and extends till September however, a peak in Swordfish sightings and landings is observed during the months spanning from April to June.

Swordfish Fishing Technique:

Since the Swordfish are rarely spotted during the day, most of the fishermen prefer to fish for them at night when they do come to the surface to feed. Drifting with live or dead baits in the night is the best method to land a Swordfish.

Amberjack Amberjack fishing  in Procida

The Greater Amberjack is a classic game fish. It is the largest of all the jacks and is one of the most sought after game fish. They have an olive colored line that runs from its snout and horizontally along the side. The Greater Amberjack is strong fish and it has a lot of stamina with which they fight vigorously. They strike fast and once hooked they often dive deep into the sea reeling out a lot of line.

Greater Amberjack Fishing Season in Procida:

The Greater Amberjack is found in the Tyrrhenian Sea during the months of April through September.

Greater Amberjack Fishing Technique:

Since the Amberjack stays in the surface waters the most effective method to catch them is by surface trolling with live baits or artificial lures, jigs, spoons or strip baits. One interesting thing about the Greater Amberjack is that when one fish is brought to the surface the others in will follow it to the surface and thus increase the chances of hooking up more fish.

Dorado Dorado fishing  in Procida

The Dorado is known by various names such as Mahi Mahi and Dolphinfish. The Dorado is distinguished from other fish by their vibrant colors of green, blue, yellow and golden. It is a great sight to see these fish in the water. This fish has gained the attention of sport fishing anglers all over the globe for its sportive qualities. They leap out of the water displaying an array of aerial acrobatics when it gets hooked. Tailwalking is another visual display by the Dorado that has got fishing anglers keep coming back for more and more Dorado action.

Dorado Fishing Season in Procida:

The months from July to December is the time when you will be able to land a Dorado from Procida and among these months the time between October to December is the best season.

Dorado Fishing Technique:

Two of the most popular methods used to land a Dorado are trolling and live baiting. Live baiting is used when a single Dorado or a school of Dorados are spotted swimming near the surface, whereas trolling is used when you are not able to spot them from the surface.

Grouper Grouper fishing  in Procida Grouper fishing  in Procida

The Grouper is next on the list. Unlike the fish species that were mentioned earlier, the Grouper is a slow moving fish and is a bottom fish that spends most of its time in the deep waters near the sea bed. These slow moving predatory fish are loved by anglers for their huge sizes and their amazing flesh. The Grouper can grow as big as 2.7 m in length, the heaviest Grouper ever caught was a Goliath Grouper of over 300 kg from Florida.

Grouper Fishing Season in Procida:

The Grouper Season in Procida begins in the month of April and lasts till the end of September. The months of April, May and June are considered the best period for Grouper fishing because during this time you will find fish of greater sizes.

Grouper Fishing Technique:

Since the Grouper is found in deep waters near the sea bed, bottom fishing is the best method to land a Grouper. Cut or live baits can be used in Grouper fishing.

Barracuda Barracuda fishing  in Procida Barracuda fishing  in Procida

The Barracuda is a hard fighting gamefish with a fearsome appearance. It has a slender and streamlined body that allows them move fast in the water. Barracuda has razor sharp teeth that often come in the anglers’ way. These fish are great fighters, they often tear up the bait with their sharp teeth and remain unhooked, so it is imperative that you either have great expertise in catching a Barracuda or you have a really good charter captain with you.

Barracuda Fishing Season in Procida:

The peak season of finding and landing a Barracuda is April to June however, you can fish them through all the months from April to December.

Barracuda Fishing Technique:

Like most of the big game fish species, the Barracuda is also caught using trolling. The baits used to lure a Barracuda include plugs, spoons, prepared baits. Apart from this, casting and live baiting is also adopted by some anglers to reel in Barracudas.

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