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Salalah fishing guide

Here you will find tips, the best fishing spots and top fish in Salalah. If you are looking for a fishing charter or skipper to go fishing, please visit our list of fishing charters in Salalah or search a fishing trip using the box below:

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Officially called the Sultanate of Oman, this country has a coastline that touches the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. This geographical positioning of Oman makes it a great spot for sport fishing. Oman is a destination that fishing enthusiasts should consider as the waters here are home to a wide variety of game fish. The weather of Oman allows fishing all year through and hence increases its potential of being a good fishing destination. Many experienced anglers have cited that Oman is one of the most over-looked destinations in terms of sport fishing. The city of Salalah, that is located at the southernmost part of Oman and is a beautiful city both in terms of the landscapes and the ocean.

The City

The southern Omani province of Dhofar has Salalah as its capital. The city of Salalah is the second largest city of Oman and has its coastline on the Arabian Sea. The fishing grounds of this southeast facing coastal city are some of the untouched spots owing to some of the strict governmental rules that controlled this area for a long time. Fishing and game fishing started to gain popularity in these areas once the strict regulations were lifted. Adding to the fact that Salalah is a great fishing location is that it has one of the most picturesque locations and good climate that makes Salalah not only just a fisherman’s destination but also a great vacation spot.


In general Salalah has a hot climate. But when you compare it with the northern cities, Salalah has a cooler climate. The monsoon season that falls between July and August is usually very cloudy and hence this season is not considered a very conducive season for fishing. This is because the fog and the clouds can make travelling through the sea difficult and dangerous. The other seven months starting from mid October till May end is considered the best time to indulge in sport fishing. Bait fish are attracted to the large floating tankers and ships at the Salalah port. These bait fish in return bring in the big predators that most of the game fishing anglers would love to go after. Some of the fish that are found in the waters off the Salalah coast are Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Giant Trevally, Amberjack, King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi to call out a few names.

How to go Fishing in Salalah

There are very few fishing charters that operate in Salalah. Finding them and confirming a fishing trip with them has been simplified by fishfishme and our online booking facility. You can not only check the boats and its availability but you can also check up the Captain’s profile and decide which captain you would like to go fishing with.

The charter operators in Salalah leave from the marina located near the Juweirah Boutique Hotel.

Top 5 fish

Giant Trevally Giant Trevally fishing  in Salalah

The Giant Trevally is considered the most sought after sport fish in Salalah. Anglers from all over the world fly down to Salalah to target these outstanding fish. The Giant Trevally is renowned as one of the best game fish as they exhibit strong stamina and dive deep into the ocean once they are hooked. The Giant Trevally can grow to a whooping 170 cm and weigh around 80 kg. In Salalah the GT can be mostly found in Al Halanyat island. This island is situated near to Shuwaimiyah village (the village is 2 hrs drive from Salalah). Some of the charter boats offer to take clients from Salalah to Al Halanyat and you can spend the night in the island. If you plan to target the GT on your fishing trip in Salalah, you can choose from these two options:

1. Captain Ed (view profile)

2. Captain Yousef Boat (Only upon special request, view profile)

When can you catch a Giant Trevally in Salalah?

You can spot a Trevally all round the year in Salalah however, the best time of the year is from October to April.

Where to catch Giant Trevally in Salalah?

Trevally are found in shallow coastal waters in and around coral and rocky reefs, tidal flats and channels, lagoons and shore faces.

How to catch a Giant Trevally?

From jigging to surface popping, many methods are used to catch a Giant Trevally. Baits like squid, live fish and cut fish are used to lure in a GT. Other lures used are bibbed plugs, minnows, soft plastic lures and the kind.


Yellowfin Tuna are one of the most sought after game fish by sport fishing anglers all over the world. They are strong, fast and acrobatic and when hooked and reeled they give a tough fight. All these characteristics of the Yellowfin Tuna make them a favourite among the sport fishermen. They are not only admired for their fighting abilities but also for their magnificent colors and beauty. These fish can grow over 2 m in length and can weigh over 200 kg. An average Tuna caught will weigh anywhere between 30 to 40 kg.

When is the Yellowfin Season in Salalah?

Tuna is found in Salalah almost all year through. But the most appropriate time to catch a hefty Tuna is considered to be during March. The period between September to March will also fetch you good catches in terms of Tuna. However, experienced captains advise to refrain from fishing during the monsoon months unless you have an absolutely weatherproof boat and angler accompanying you.

Where to find Yellowfin Tuna in Salalah?

Yellowfin Tuna are usually found in offshore waters that are about 100 m deep. They can be easily spotted among schools of Dolphins as Tuna tend to swim with Dolphins in search of sardines. Moreover, they are also found around and near floating objects like buoys, tankers and logs.

How to catch a Yellowfin Tuna?

The most common and the best method to catch Tuna is considered to be with live bait. The baits that are usually used are free-swimming fish like anchovies or sardines. You can also lure a Tuna by trolling with squid like lures, in addition chumming also works well Tuna.


Sailfish, are also known as billfish as their upper jaw juts out to form a spear like protrusion. The dorsal fin is erectile and forms a sail like structure on its back, hence the name Sailfish. The Sailfish is one of the fastest fish that can reach up to speeds of 110 km per hour. In addition to their speed the other attractive traits that make them a popular game fish are that they fight very vigorously when hooked. They will leap and dive into the water numerous times making it very hard to land them. A Sailfish can grow up to 3 m in length and can weigh more than 100 kg.

When to find Sailfish in Salalah?

The Sailfish are found in abundance during the period between February to April. If lucky enough you can spot a Sailfish any time around the year in Salalah.

Where can you find Sailfish in Salalah?

Sailfish prefer the warmer surface waters away from the shore where they feed on bait fish like sardines, anchovies and also squids and octopuses. Sailfish are also said to linger near the coral reefs and freshwater runoffs.

How to catch a Sailfish?

The most preferred way to catch a Sailfish is by using trolling. Anglers troll with dead or live baits and even artificial trolling lures.

Dorado Dorado fishing  in Salalah

Dorado or Mahi Mahi is undisputably one of the popular fish in an angler’s list of targeted fish. These hard fighting, delicious beauties are known for their long runs and aggressive strikes. An average Dorado will weigh somewhat between 7 to 13 kg. But they can grow to a maximum of 18 kg. These glistening fish are commonly found in depths of 37 to 85 meters of tropical, subtropical and temperate waters.

Once caught on the line, these fish are fast, acrobatic and flashy making the catch exciting and challenging.

When to catch Dorado in Salalah?

Dorado can found all year round in Salalah.

Where can you find Dorado in Salalah?

Dorado are often spotted swimming near debris like floating wood, sargasso weeds or around fish buoys. Experienced fishermen will be able to spot Dorado’s by the bird behaviour on the water surface.

How to fish for Dorado?

The most used method for catching a Dorado is trolling. But once a school of Dorado are spotted, fly casting using bait and switch method is also used. At times nets of sardines are tossed into the water to initiate a feeding frenzy of the Dorados and then a fly is thrown at the feeding Mahi Mahi.

King Mackerel King Mackerel fishing  in Salalah

The King Mackerel also known as the Kingfish is one of the top contenders for the top spot in the most sought after gamefish list. They are found in warm waters that range in temperatures from 20 to 29 C. These fish are fast and they can pull hard when hooked, this makes them a preferred target among sport fishing anglers. These fish can grow as big as 2 m in length to weigh 70 kg.

When is the King Mackerel season in Salalah?

Kingfish are very abundant in Salalah, they can be found all through the year.

Where to find King Mackerel in Salalah?

King mackerel are said to inhabit the reefs and rocks in the sea. They are found in waters of depth 12 to 45 m from the ocean surface. Kingfish tend to swim closer to the shore where the water is warmer.

How to fish for King Mackerel?

Trolling with different kinds of baits is the most common method used to reel in King Mackerels. The baits used can range from live baits, dead baits, jigs, artificial lures to spoons.

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Fish and Fishing Seasons in Salalah

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