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Sao Miguel Island fishing guide

Here you will find tips, the best fishing spots and top fish in Sao Miguel Island. If you are looking for a fishing charter or skipper to go fishing, please visit our list of fishing charters in Sao Miguel Island or search a fishing trip using the box below:

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Sao Miguel means Saint Michel in Portuguese, this beautiful island is the largest of all the islands in the archipelago of Azores and has been nicknamed “The Green Island”. Sao Miguel is one island that completely bundles the best aspects of the Azores into one single package.

As you explore this lovely island carefully placed in the Atlantic ocean, you will discover various picturesque locations that have been unspoiled by tourism and maddening crowds. Stunning crater lakes and beautiful volcanic mountain ranges all add to the beauty of this Portuguese island.

Within the boundaries of the city you will get to witness some exquisite samples of old Portuguese architecture. The botanical gardens, hot springs and the lake lined by lovely flowers all make the eastern highlands resemble a paradise of sorts.

This is not just it, the long and splendid coastline that runs around the island makes it a great location to indulge in sportfishing from. Fishing can be done from Sao Miguel all through the year. Read further to know more about the fishing seasons and the types of fish that can be caught from here.


Since Sao Miguel is an island situated in the Atlantic ocean it is influenced by the changing ocean currents and winds. The geographical positioning of the island makes it prone to larger volumes of rains during the winters.

The summers in Sao Miguel is spans from July to September. It is during these months that the temperatures soar to the highest. By November the temperatures begin to cool off and the winters run through January to May as rains take over the weather scenario. By June the rains stop and the island dawns in the spring beauty. The months from June to October are considered to be the best months to travel to this beautiful island in the Azores archipelago.

Fishing in Sao Miguel:

Fishing is awesome in Sao Miguel. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, this beautiful volcanic island makes for a great deep sea fishing destination.

The fishing season in Sao Miguel has been divided into two; the Tuna fishing season and the Marlin fishing season. The Tuna begin to come to Sao Miguel by late April and stays here till late June. Recent times have seen fishermen landing tunas even during the later month of September. The Marlin begin to arrive in June, a couple of months after the first Tunas are spotted.

There are several fishing charters that operate along the coasts of Sao Miguel that can be hired. These charter boats run by experienced anglers are well equipped and will take you out fishing to some of the best spots in the island from where you can land your trophy fish from.

Book your charter boats online and in advance so that you can be sure of being a part of some amazing sportfishing action.

Top 5 fish

Blue Marlin Blue Marlin fishing  in Sao Miguel Island Blue Marlin fishing  in Sao Miguel Island

Perhaps the most prized if of all, the Blue Marlin is definitely the fish of every fisherman’s dreams. They are fast, strong and has a mean attitude when it comes to fight. The Marlins have a tendency to leap out of the water when they surface after being hooked and it is a magnificent sight to see giants of over 450 kg flinging themselves out of the water.

Catching a Blue Marlin is considered as one of the highest achievements in sportfishing. Sao Miguel is a perfect spot to land a Blue Marlin from.

Marlin Fishing Season in Sao Miguel:

Marlins prefer to swim in warm waters and hence the Marlin fishing season is limited to the summer months in Sao Miguel. By mid July Marlins are spotted in these Atlantic waters and they stay here till first half of October.

Marlin Fishing Technique:

Trolling with artificial lures, rigged live baits or natural baits are used in Marlin fishing.

Tuna Tuna fishing  in Sao Miguel Island

Sao Miguel can be rightly referred to as one of the best fishing spots in the world to fish for Tuna. I say Tuna because almost all species of Tuna can be fished out of the Atlantic waters surrounding Sao Miguel. From the mighty Bluefin to the smallest skipjack can be fished from Sao Miguel. Sportfishermen pursue the Tuna because the Tuna (any species) are powerful and have a heart to fight. They do not tire easily and they put up great fights every time.

Bluefins are seen feeding along Dolphins during the winter months. Most of the Bluefins caught weigh more than 100 kg. Apart from the Bluefins; Bigeye Tuna, Albacore (Longfin Tuna), Yellowfin Tuna are also found here.

Fishermen will find the summer months to be the best to frolic in Tuna action off the coasts of Sao Miguel.

Tuna Fishing Season in Sao Miguel:

The best season for Tuna Fishing in Sao Miguel extends from mid April till late September.

The Bluefins are thought to be around all year in Sao Miguel but they are often spotted during the winter months when the water temperatures drop to 15 to 16 degree Celsius.

Bigeye Tunas with an average weights of 60 to 80 kg are known to inhibit the sea around Sao Miguel during the months from April to late September.

The Yellowfin Tuna is also found in Sao Miguel during the summer months of August and September when the water temperatures are considerably higher than the winter months. However, the Yellowfin is considered to be less common in comparison with the other Tuna species.

The Albacore Tuna is one of the most abundantly found tuna species in Sao Miguel. They can be found almost all through the year swimming through the Atlantic ocean.

Tuna Fishing Technique:

One of the common methods that is used to catch any of the Tuna species is trolling. Depending on the species a heavy or light tackle is used.

Dorado Dorado fishing  in Sao Miguel Island

The Dorado is a very agile fish that is caught using a lighter tackle when compared to the one used to catch Marlin and Tunas. The Dorado is also known as the Mahi Mahi or the Dolphinfish. They have a unique body shape and is visually appealing with a multitude of shades of blue and green covering its body.

Dorado are well known for their aerial acrobatics and tail walking. These are some of the stunts that the Dolphinfish manages to pull off once it gets hooked. Ardent anglers can do almost anything to get a glimpse of the Dorado leaping out and then plummeting into the water.

Dorado Fishing Season in Sao Miguel:

Dorado are also found during the summer months in the waters surrounding the island of Sao Miguel.

Dorado Fishing Technique:

Live baiting and casting are two very successful methods that are used to land Dorados when they are seen swimming through the surface waters. Trolling is probably the most favoured fishing technique of anglers worldwide when it comes to catch a Dorado.

Grouper Grouper fishing  in Sao Miguel Island

The Groupers are some of the largest fish that are found in the sea. They are considered to be the classic bottom fish that prefers to dwell in the deep waters. They have a very bulky body and this makes them very slow. This is one of the reasons why the Groupers prefer to ambush their prey by staying camouflaged under the sea with muddy hued bodies.

The Groupers are highly prized for their large sizes and their flesh. Some of the largest Groupers ever caught and recorded were as long as 2 m and weighed over 300 kg.

Grouper Fishing Season in Sao Miguel:

The Grouper is one fish that can be caught off the coasts of Sao Miguel any time of the year irrespective of the season.

Grouper Fishing Technique:

Using live baits in bottom fishing and using jerkbaits in shallow reefs are some of the most commonly used and successful methods to catch a Grouper.

Barracuda Barracuda fishing  in Sao Miguel Island

Barracuda is another fish that is found in abundance in Sao Miguel island. These fish have a quite scary appearance with a slender, long body and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. These hard fighting fish are fairly difficult to land as their razor sharp teeth often tears through the bait and the fish remains unhooked. Make sure to practise your fishing and lure setting skills before you set forth on your trip to catch the Barracuda. An easier way is to hire an experienced charter captain who has the knowledge of catching Barracudas in Sao Miguel.

Barracuda Fishing Season in Sao Miguel:

The Barracuda, like the Grouper can be found around the Sao Miguel island all through the year.

Barracuda Fishing Technique:

Many techniques are used to catch Barracudas of which live baiting, casting and trolling are preferred more than the rest. Prepared baits, spoons and plugs are some of the most common lures used in Barracuda fishing.

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Fish and Fishing Seasons in Sao Miguel Island

Fish Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bluefin Tuna
Blue Marlin
Big eye tuna
White Marlin
Excellent = Excellent Good = Good Fair = Fair