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Fishing Guide in Alicante

The Spanish province of Alicante falls on the eastern coast of Spain. It stretches along Costa Blanca, the 200 km of Mediterranean coastline on the eastern edge of Spain. Alicante is one of the most popular towns along Costa Blanca for its scenic palm boulevards and dazzling shopping streets. Tourists from all over the world come flocking to Alicante for its wonderful climate and white sandy beaches along beautiful palm groves.

Alicante is famous not just for the lovely beaches where you can go for leisurely strolls but it is also known for the various historical buildings that include churches and cathedrals. For the fishing folk there is even better news, with direct access to the Mediterranean Sea fishing is great in this coast. Giants of the sea like the Bluefin Tuna can be caught off these coasts making the Alicante coast a great fishing spot. After a day in the sunny white beaches of Alicante as you retreat into the night, the town will welcome you into its frantic and vibrant Spanish nightlife. An awesome way to spend some quality time with family or friends.