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Fishing charters in Gran Canaria, Spain

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Gran Canaria Fishing Guide

Fishing trips in Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is one of the Spanish islands among the Canary Islands that is situated towards the north western coast of the African subcontinent. Of the many Islands in this group of Islands, Gran Canaria is called the Miniature Continent as it is bestowed with diverse climates and very different forms of landscapes all through the island. This small Spanish Island has been attracting tourists from around the world to its beautiful beaches that extend to over 60 kms. Replete with beach resorts, botanical gardens, light-houses, archeological parks and the like the island of Gran Canaria is a great place to spend some quality time away from bustling crowds, chores and busy schedules.

Getting to the Gran Canaria has been made easy by the Gran Canaria Airport. This is a commercial airport in the island that allows visitors from around the world to get to this favorite vacation destination easily.