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Chalong Bay (Phuket, Thailand)

How to book

Address: Chalong Bay (Phuket, Thailand) Get Directions in Google Maps

Name: Dorado

Size: 65 ft

Capacity: Max 18 persons

Engine: Twin 300 HP



Dorado is a very strongly built 20 x 5 meters hardwood boat weighing some 40 tonnes. Launched in late 2007, she has twin 300 HP diesels, large fuel and water tanks and attendant safety features. Her design criterion is that of being a leisurely long-range cruiser, with passenger comfort to the fore.

Prices includes:
Transport to and from your accommodation
All meals, fruits, snacks and soft drinks, including bottled water
The use of all fishing equipment, entertainment systems and where available, snorkels and masks (you are welcome to bring your own fishing rods and tackle and personal swim masks).

For day trips:
8 am * – Pick-up from your accommodation for transfer to Chalong Pier.
8.30am – Arrival at boat and off to the fishing ground, trolling all the way to to the Racha Islands – Ko Racha Yai and Ko Racha Noi some two hours sailing from Chalong. These two islands are several miles apart and can offer spectacular fishing, particularly for sailfish, wahoo, dorado and tuna.

An alternative fishing spot is a drop-off located some 15 nautical miles west of Phuket which also offers the angler a chance of the above species.

If the boat goes to Racha islands, you’ll often stop at one of island for lunch – and weather permitting, you can also go snorkeling and swimming. After lunch you can continue trolling until you arrive back to Chalong.

If you do not want to fish and would prefer a day trip around Phi Phi and other nearby islands, the charter will be happy to take you.

5pm – Approximate return at Chalong Pier and transport to your accommodation.

*Note: Should you prefer to start later in the day, we will comply with any reasonable request

For Multi days : (Minimum 2 nights, three days)

Whether fishing, complemented with some diving or sightseeing, Dorado will take you to the lovely Similan Islands, a marine National Park that is world famous for diving, and fishing for species such as marlin, sailfish, trevally, wahoo, tuna and barracuda.
The nine islands of the Similans are better known locally by their numbers 1 – 9, and are some 80 miles north west of Phuket. They and the nearby Ton Mai drop-off offer exciting big game and night fishing.

Another beautiful and scenic area also renowned for sailfish that surrounding two islands of Ko Rok Yai and Ko Rok Noi, some 60 miles SE of Phuket. These two islands with their sandy beaches, cliffs and forestation offer the opportunity for excellent swimming and fishing.

Further to the west is Hin Deang reef where barracuda, wahoo and of course, dorado and other fighting fish can be found.

Please remember however, it is your trip, and the charter will honour the cruising or fishing area you select where possible.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

What is included

What is included

Licenses, Insurance, Petrol, Skipper, Refreshments, Soft drinks, Snacks, Lunch, Lifejackets, Lifejackets FOR kids, Safety Equipment, bait, fishing tackle, Bottled Water

Things to bring

Things to bring

ID, passport, sunscreen, hat, jacket, camera, seasick pills

Fishing techniques

Fishing techniques

Trolling, Jigging, Popping

Meeting time for departure

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time.

Shuttle service

Transport to and from your accommodation (within Phuket Island) is included in the rates. Please provide your accommodation address.

Deposit and payment

A 50% deposit is required to complete the booking. The balance is paid on the day of the trip.

Cancellation and refund

All sailings are at the discretion of the vessel’s owners and captain. Where any charterred trip is cancelled due to bad/inclement weather, the charter company will, calendar permitting, try to get you out on the next available window of opportunity.

If the charter company cannot fulfill the trip the deposit shall be promptly returned less any expenses incurred. Where any cancellation to a chartered trip is made by the vessel’s owners due to mechanical or other operational circumstances beyond their control, the vessel’s owners shall, with the charter party’s/customer’s agreement, try to obtain a comparable boat.

Failure to obtain a boat, or, if requested by the chartering party/customer, deposit shall be promptly returned less any expenses incurred.

Note: We strongly advise you to check your holiday insurance covers the costs of a cancellation of your trip.

Payment methods

The deposit is paid online. The final payment will be given directly to boat owner on the day of the trip.

Fishing Equipment

Penn, Shimano


TV/MP3/DVD, GPS, Satellite phone, EBIRB, marine radios


sleeping accommodation for up to 6 passengers (all linen and towels are supplied), dining areas, hot and cold water facilities, microwave, fridge/freezer, ice chests, fire extinguishers, medical kit, Viking life raft

Fish and Fishing Seasons in Phuket

Fish Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Giant Trevally
Excellent = Excellent Good = Good Fair = Fair

Fishing Packages

Day trip (High Season – Dec to Feb)

Departure time : 7:00AM Subject to weather cond

Duration : 8 hours

Capacity : 1 – 6 persons

Price: 753.84 USD (entire boat)

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Day trip (Low Season – Mar to Nov)

Departure time : 7:00AM Subject to weather cond

Duration : 6 hours

Capacity : 1 – 6 persons

Price: 698.00 USD (entire boat)

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Multi-day trip (High Season – Dec to Feb)

Departure time : 7:00AM Subject to weather cond

Duration : 8 hours

Capacity : 1 – 8 persons

Price: 893.44 USD (entire boat)

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Multi-day trip (Low Season – Mar to Nov)

Departure time : 7:00AM subject to weather cond

Duration : 8 hours

Capacity : 1 – 8 persons

Price: 837.60 USD (entire boat)

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