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Afternoon Coastal Trip

Boat: Cristal

City: Abu Dhabi

Date: 2015-11-01


Catch of the day

Fish Quantity Weight Range
Silvery Grunt
1 1 – 2 kgs
6 1 – 1 kgs
9 1 – 1 kgs
Threadfin Bream (Sultan Ibrahim)
4 1 – 1 kgs


Water was flat, no waves, just the normal calm sea movement.

Afternoon Coastal Trip

We had a very good fishing trip last Sunday, November 1st. Guests were from Britain, there were five of them on board and they caught probably around twenty fish. There were Silvery Grunts and Queenfish more than eighteen centimeters big which they kept. The other smaller fish they returned back to the sea. Everyone had fun especially the kids.