Fog delayed our six-hour fishing

Boat: Cristal

City : Abu Dhabi

Date : 2016-01-23

Catch of the day

Fish Quantity Weight Range
Cobia 1 6 – 6 kgs
Kingfish 1 4 – 4 kgs
Grouper 8 1 – 5 kgs
Threadfin Bream 10 1 – 1 kgs
Bream 12 1 – 1 kgs

Fog delayed our six-hour fishing

I had Ilsa and her group last Saturday with me on board, six people in total. We were scheduled to leave at 6:00AM but the fog was to thick, I figured it’ll be too dangerous if it’s zero visibility. So I decided that we should wait. They were okay with it. I offered them coffee, and cold drinks, and sandwiches, and fishing stories to kill time. By 10:00AM the fog dispersed enough that it wouldn’t be too risky. I brought them to my usual spots and we fished for siz hours, a combination of trolling and bottom fishing. We got breams, and lady fish, and sultan ibrahim. We also caught a huge hamour (grouper), kingfish, and cobia.