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Channel behind the mangroves

Boat: Kayak Fishing Abu Dhabi

City: Abu Dhabi

Date: 2015-09-11


Catch of the day

Fish Quantity Weight Range
1 2 – 2 kgs
Silvery Grunt
8 3 – 4 kgs
3 2 – 4 kgs


There was a light breeze and it was cool for this time of year. The clouds obliged us and kept the heat of the sun off us until about 9.30 am.

Channel behind the mangroves

We set off just after 5 am in the dark from Eastern Mangroves. The low tide gave us some problems crossing a wide shallow area to get to the fishing spots beyond the mangroves but we walked the boats over and anchored up on the first spot in about 9 m water. The action was slow, in fact very slow with only a few bites so we decided to head off to the second spot. After five minutes paddling we anchored at a promising location where two channels meet and where fish tend to gather. We were not disappointed and the bites came strong and fast. The first catch was a nice Silver Grunter and the second a Queen fish. The low point of the tide was approaching and it seemed we were in the right spot. The rest of the morning consisted of Silver Grunter and a stingray who was released. I am always attentive in handling stingray especially after I was stung more than ten years ago. Soon after that we decided to call it a day and headed back with several nice fish well over the half kilo mark in the icebox.