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Fishing Trip with Deep Blue Sea

Boat: Deep Blue Sea

City: Dubai

Date: 2014-02-23


Catch of the day

Fish Quantity Weight Range
2 5 – 5 kgs
Pinkear (Sheri)
30 1 – 2 kgs
5 8 – 10 kgs
30 1 – 1 kgs


Morning started out warm, beautiful , and calm.

Fishing Trip with Deep Blue Sea

We started at 7am in the morning, the guys arrived on time, which was great, so we went to one of our best bottom fishing spots where we caught plenty of snappers and sultan ibrahim. The clients wanted to try a bit of trolling so we got our professional trolling rods and lures and started to troll over one of the wrecks 25 miles off-shore. We managed to catch 2 barracudas in less than 10 minutes. The area was full of fish and of course our equipment and locations were perfect to land those monsters.