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Great fishing trip!

Boat: Fish Gate Sports Fishing – Prince George

City: Dubai

Date: 2014-02-25


Catch of the day

Fish Quantity Weight Range
Pinkear (Sheri)
10 0 – 3 kgs
2 2 – 6 kgs


The weather was in good conditions with little wind. The sea was little bit rough, but not rough enough to get regular fishermen into sea sick. The wind started to get a bit stronger at the end of the trip, but the boat is big enough you barely can feel the waves.

Great fishing trip!

This report is written by the customer of the trip Abdullah Alshalabi.

The trip was great. We cught more than 40 fish between Sheiri, Lady fish and Sharks. The trip started very early in the morning at 5am. We left Jumairah 1 marina heading to one of the best fishing spots in Dubai. Captain Amir is an experienced fishermen and knows the best fishing spots, especially for bottom fishing targeting Groupers, Snappers and big Sheiri. It took us around 35min to reach our destination. We used handlines to enjoy the pull and fight with the fish. The depth was around 50-70ft and we were drifting the whole time.

The action started immediately after we throw the lines in the water. We started pulling up Lady fish every 2 minutes. We used dead sardines as bait the whole trip. The Ladyfish was a not bad fighter, but it wasn’t our target fish. We through some back, but captain crew asked us to keep it for him. After half an hour Captain Amir got his first Sheiri, and then everyone was getting some good Sheiri action with good sizes. The biggest was around 3kg and the smallest was about 0.5kg.

In total we got around 15 Shieri , more than 30 Ladyfish and 2 sharks. Not bad for a 5 hours trip. We went back around 10 o’clock and had some coffee in the coffee shop inside the marina. Was defiantly one of the best fishing trips I had in Dubai and will definitely go fishing again with Captain Amir and his boat Fish Gate.