Six hours with Barracudas and Bottom fish

Boat: Masa 1

City: Dubai

Date: 2015-11-20

Catch of the day

Fish Quantity Weight Range
Threadfin Bream (Sultan Ibrahim) 20 1 – 1 kgs
Bream 17 1 – 2 kgs
Snapper 7 1 – 2 kgs
Barracuda 1 3 – 4 kgs


Pleasant and flat enough, with a little wind

Six hours with Barracudas and Bottom fish

We had 6 passengers yesterday, we went out for 6 hours (from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM), and mostly did bottom fishing. We’ve had this group before. This is the second time they went fishing with us. I think that is an indication that we made them happy the last time.

We caught plenty of Snappers, Sea Breams and Sultan Ibrahims, then we caught this nice looking Barracuda. Judging from their faces and thanks yous after the trip, they definitely had a great time. Hoping that they will go fishing again with us.