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    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    Sticking close to the home means more time for fishin and can produce some insanely tasty table fare here in San Diego. Here’s a few happy snaps. There were

    Catch of the Day:Halibut 5
    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    The offshore bight was full of life this weekend. A lot of paddies can be found with some holding a little nicer grade of yellowtail and the bluefin tuna action continues to be the focal point. The season is...

    Catch of the Day:Yellowtail 2
    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    Friday was one of those memorable days at sea that make all of everyone’s hard work worthwhile. Jay started spearfishing in November and this was his first offshore spearfishing trip ever. Maybe it was beginners...

    Catch of the Day:Bluefin Tuna 3
    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    Local 3/4 day trip had a good showing of yellowtail. Some were on the chew. A lot were all show and no go. We found a few halibut in the mix as well. It’s that time of year when the halibut are in!

    Catch of the Day:Yellowtail 3|Halibut 3
    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    Yi and friends on their 2nd outing managed to bring home a nice mixed bag of rockfish for this 1/2 day. Way to go team! They’ve got the stoke and expressed interest in spearfishing as well… It’s always nice to know we can be part...

    Catch of the Day:Rockfish 15
    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    One stop shop for Yellowtail today!

    Catch of the Day:Yellowtail 10
    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    Captain Ryan here with the weekend Wrap-up. The Huntress left Friday night for an offshore mixed Spearfishing & Rod n Reel trip. Bluefin and...

    Catch of the Day:Yellowtail 18|Bonito 1
    We are still seeing some the best springtime Bass fishing in years. Also, Sturgeon is still strong and Halibut is improving. 

    Catch of the Day:
    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    Good times with Steven and family on this 4hr. Bay fishing trip. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon on San Diego bay. A couple of the younger ones in the group caught their first fish. The session wrapped up with 8 spotted bay bass...

    Catch of the Day:Bass 8|Halibut 4
    PlaceSan DiegoThe Huntress
    Captain Alan Santos here... It was a full day run and gun high speed fishing with the Yo-Yos and surface irons! Found a few takers to come home for dinner.

    Catch of the Day:Yellowtail 8|Bonito 2