Great Spear Fishing Trip!

    City:Al KhiranDate:16 Jun 2015
    Boat:Bo Shahin

    We went out on an 8-hour spearfishing trip with 8 other guys last June 16th. We caught around 90kg of fish including 4 spanish mackerels, 3 king fish, 12 barracudas, 2 sea breams, and 3 snappers. It was a fun day with guys, great fun!

    Catch of the Day:

    Kingfish3 Fishes3 - 5
    Barracuda12 Fishes16 - 25
    Snapper3 Fishes2 - 4
    Sea Bream2 Fishes3 - 4
    Mackerel4 Fishes5 - 6
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