Striped Marlin on UAE East Coast

    City:Al FujairahDate:8 Jun 2016
    Boat:Yellowfin 1

    Caught a marlin off the UAE East Coast together with KBE Anglers Hub - Knot Big Enuff. We had 2 bites of striped marlins. The first one got away but we got a healthy tag & release on the 2nd. It was a 45 minute fight. Emmet O'Brien of KBE was the angler.
    We headed out early on Wednesday morning in search of marlin and sailfish. After an hour we reached our chosen starting point and set up a spread of lures and started working the area. The morning was very quiet and we didn't see much till mid day when a sailfish came up into the lures but didn't hook up after jumping a few times behind the boat.
    An hour later we raised a striped marlin that missed the lure and then disappeared. Around 4:30pm we started trolling back towards base and at 6:00pm we started to bring the lines in when we had a big strike and the line started screaming off the reel. About 200m almost ahead of us a nice striped marlin started jumpung and the fight was on with Emmet.
    More than half an hour later we tagged and release a 55kg striped marlin, our second for the year, and raced back to the dock. 

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