And Deep Blue goes deep and strikes again

    City:DubaiDate:27 Nov 2015
    Boat:Deep Blue Sea 2

    As usual we departed early dawn and got geared up with all the lures as we were planning to cast for all the giant Barracudas. we arrived at my secret spot after 45mins and baaaaaang!!!! Big feeding frenzies everywhere and we were shocked to see the amount of birds in that area.The minute we cast our fishing rod it didn’t even reach the bottom and we were hooked to a nice sized Barracuda. we kept landing them using our special techniques until 10am.. We then decided to switch to bottom fishing and we were again lucky to get some major size Snappers and Hamours. Some snappers were cut in half before arriving to the surface.. we call that paying taxes ;)Over all it was an exiting evening for all of us and we had a wonderful time.

    Catch of the Day:

    Barracuda12 Fishes1 - 8
    Snapper25 Fishes1 - 2
    Sea Bream5 Fishes1 - 2
    Trevally3 Fishes2 - 3
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