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    For FishermanFor Fisherman
    • How can I book a trip?

      To book a trip you'll need to follow the following simple steps: 1. Choose the date and the number of passengers joining your trip (put the max number if you are not sure) 2. Choose the trip by clicking on Book Now button next to the trip you want 3. Choose 2 alternative dates (optional), then enter your personal details 4. Choose your preferred payment method (either PayPal or Credit Card) and click next 5. Enter your credit card details and click confirm 6. That's it, you are done! Now you just relax and wait for our confirmation email. Your credit card will not be charged until we confirm your booking (similar to what hotels do when you check-in, they lock the amount in your credit card, but they don't charge you).

    • What fishing equipment you provide?

      It is a standard practice for fishing charter boats to provide the rod, reel, and bait in their service. For the exact equipment's provided, please refer to the "Available Equipment", "Things to bring" and "Things Included" sections found in the profile page of the boat you've chosen.

    • What things we need to carry for fishing?

      That varies from one charter to the other. Refer to the section "Things to bring" in the boat profile. Usually each passenger should bring a valid ID with him/her.

    • What is the size of the boat?

      You can find the information at the left-hand side of the boat profile

    • How much I should tip the captain?

      Varies a lot between different countries and the total price of the trip. Anything between 10-20% is considered generous. In the US and Europe tipping is a very common practice. However, in the Middle East tipping 5% or less is a common practice.

    • Do you provide drinks and food?

      It depends on the boat charter you have chosen. You can find the information in the "Things Included" section of your chosen boat's profile page.

    For CaptainsFor Captains
    • Who is it for?

      Fishfishme is for fishing charter companies and fishing guides. We don't work with agents or resellers, just with the owners directly.

    • How does it work?

      Once you charter is live, thousands of visitors will be able to view your service. If you use our availability calendar you'll be able to accept bookings instantly. We payout your money in a weekly basis.

    • How much it costs?

      Its free to list your charter. We charge a small commission for each booking. The commission varies for each country, however its much lower than the industry average.

    • What do you need to start listing your service?

      (1) Fill out the Online Sign-up Form. Provide details of the boat, trip packages, and other important information on the form. Upload high-quality photos of the boat and fishing trip. Provide us with a Company Description/About Us profile. (2) Submit necessary documents. A list of required documents will be emailed to you for your reference.

    • How long it takes to be live?

      It takes less than 5min to complete your boat profile. And will take 1-2 working days to have your boat approved by our team to go live.

    • Examples of a good listing:
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